Project Managers – get ready for disruption, its already here

February 28, 02:40 pm - 03:20 pm AEDT

Australia rode through the storm of the GFC in 2007 and continues to be a beacon of resilience within the global.

What if we could accurately navigate multiple key result areas such as time, cost, revenue, cash flow and even profit margin, in real time?

What if we could dynamically manage risk, based on vast data sets and real empirical evidence, without cumbersome risk documentation and human assumptions?
In the project reality we must contend with every day, the data shows that these goals have never been achieved with traditional methods, and they never will be.

But this new future is not far away. New artificial intelligence technologies are here now.

This presentation is not thought leadership speculation. It is a presentation of machine learning based performance that is right now being used by major organisations to provide unprecidented decision insights that will change the paradigm of project management .

This presentation will provide real world case studies from early adopter government and private sector innovators who are leading the world in using AI to deliver improved financial outcomes in projects big and small, across multiple industries. Performance statistics show improvement over traditional methods of between 20% and 250% across a range of industries in both public and private sector. We will explore why AI is able to outperform traditional analysis, how it interfaces with existing software systems and how it may impact project management methods.

We will combine these real world experiences with the views of some of the world's leading researchers in this field to give practitioners an insight into how to position themslves as "AI Augmented" professionals in an Industry 4.0 world.

AI in project management is in its infancy, and Australia ranks alongside the UK and the US, as a world leader. This provides a unique oppotunity for Austalian project professionals to take a leading role.

Managing Director - Octantai
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