Applying systems thinking to optimise decision making in evolving operating contexts

February 28, 03:25 pm - 04:05 pm AEDT

New ways of planning and delivering public infrastructure projects in varying work environments, ecosystems and contracting models are rapidly evolving across the world. From a systems approach, decision making optimisation is an important component to addressing some of the complexities intrinsic to the current and evolving operating context.
Currently, the solutions offered to client organisations are derived from two broad consultant categories, namely (i) data-driven and practice informed, and (ii) practice-driven and data informed. The resultant advice is presumed to offer the best solutions to the client organisation. However, neither of these categories can offer a data-evidenced and practice-embedded solution, leading to sub-optimal solutions that are not context specific.

A Decision Pathway Optimisation Model (DPOM) that approaches solution development through cross-comparison of contexts and by exceeding human cognitive limitations can offer client organisations optimal context-specific solutions. Aided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the DPOM will tap into all relevant and available repositories from across the entire spectrum of information, including practice and theory, inter- and intra-organisational knowledge bases, and local and global trends, and legal and regulatory requirements. The resultant empirical rigour will not only enable optimised decision making for context-specific solutions that are data-evidenced and practice-embedded, but will also act as a perpetual seed for accelerated and continued optimisation action.
As global leaders in program management, human-machine interface, advanced data analytics, and tailor-fitting of methodological processes, KBR is a catalyst for bringing optimisation to multiple and diverse sectors including water, resources, space and energy.

Specifically, within the Australian water industry, KBR applies systems thinking to reduce sub-optimal decision making and solutions, driving project and organisational success. Offering a combination of our space-age technological knowhow and our human expertise, KBR’s DPOM is set to catapult client organisations on the continuum of optimised solutions through empirical decision making reflective of their unique operating context.

During the delivery of water utilities’ multi-billion-dollar portfolios of work, which have complex procurement frameworks and diverse supply chains, sub-optimal solutions contribute to inefficiencies in planning and delivery, which can adversely impact communities and customers. With KBR’s DPOM, client organisations in similar industries will be able to pursue solutions that offer the best socio-economic value for all.

Senior Program Manager - KBR
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