How to create a great team: lessons learnt from the sydney water planning partnership

February 28, 03:25 pm - 04:05 pm AEDT

Susan Kithing, Aurecon

The Planning Partnership was developed by Sydney Water in 2018, as part of the Partnering for Success delivery model to provide better value to its customers by streamlining its supply chain, providing better efficiency and more insight into risk and opportunities. As part of this, a long-term planning partner would help deliver the outcomes of the corporate strategy by increasing capability and capacity in planning, concept design and technical assurance.

The partnership is designed to enhance Sydney Water’s planning capacity and capability.  The partnership was formed in 2019 between Sydney Water, Aurecon and Arup, with the team fully embedded into Sydney Water.

This presentation will summarise the lessons learnt across people, system, processes and project outcomes and examines how we are moving forward to enhance the partnership further.

This presentation will include lessons learnt from the first two years of the partnership:

  • Mobilisation, creating a “one team” culture including creating KPIs that measure partnership behaviours across the team.
  • Ongoing development of the culture while responding to the challenges of an internal restructure as well adapting to new ways of working during COVID and beyond
  • Key lessons learnt and processes put in place moving forward.

The success of this partnership will be explored through the following outcomes:

  • Key lessons learnt and processes put in place
  • Culture is key to forming a team, but do you combine culture or take the sum of the parts?
  • Change is difficult to navigate, but combining our knowledge brought strength
  • Processes and tools create a sense of comfort in the team
  • The partnership is able to flex and bridge projects to provide value to customers

Design Director, Water - Aurecon
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