Moving Between Counting People and Counting on People

March 24, 02:35 pm - 03:15 pm AEDT

Given the increasing importance of data analytics, and the ability of projects to collate, assess and interpret information on a whole new scale, it is often easy to disassociate with the human faces behind those numbers. This presentation will investigate the ways in which Project Managers need to be able to connect with both the available information, and the people behind it. Branching across two distinct skillsets – fact based analysis and empathetic connection – is something that is tricky to understand, and even more difficult to execute.

We will look at literature from across Economics, Psychology and Entertainment, coupled with real life examples from some notable infrastructure projects, and ask if it is possible to successfully lead without a broad range of skills at your disposal. Ultimately, we will consider how the challenges associated with the emergence of data management are shaping the future of Project Management.

Is there cause for concern about the potential redundancy of people within the project team as Artificial Intelligence improves at an exponential rate? Are the reasons for delivering project experiencing a fundamental change now that we have additional information to guide our initial decisions? What is the best way to future proof yourself as a Project Manager and leader?

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Technical Director, Project Management - Mott Macdonald
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