Neuroscience of decision-making – Increasing internal awareness to identify bias, unlock potential and be more influential

February 28, 05:20 pm - 06:05 pm AEDT

Do you ever find yourself needing to influence decisions or behaviour from a position of low power? Or struggling to ‘unfreeze’ organisational decision making? It all begins with learning how to tame Apes - both your own and others. Whether it be better controlling your own reactions, negotiating and influencing without triggering others, or intentionally triggering others to influence behaviour, there are many ways to become a powerful influencer irrespective of where you sit in a hierarchy. At this session we will explore in a highly entertaining way, the recent discoveries in psychology and behavioural economics, and look at practical ways we can be better humans, and more powerful influencers.

Behavioural economist, psychologist and journalist
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