The Next Generation of Workspaces: Beyond Covid 19 Crisis

March 24, 04:25 pm - 05:05 pm AEDT

Covid 19 is a health crisis that has accelerated the future of work and especially the future of workspaces. It has altered the how we work. This, in turn, has immediate consequences for the way we interact, where we interact, when we interact in the work environment. The new ways of working and interactions also have impact on our health, wellbeing, and productivity. In this presentation and based on my research findings in this area, I will focus on the key challenges presented by Covid 19 and how these challenges are impacting our workspaces (physical and virtual).

I will also discuss the effect of the crisis on the traditionally workspaces, hybrid work, team members’ interactions, surveillances, employee wellbeing and productivity. Specifically, I will attempt to answer critical questions such as “How has the increase in working from home (WFH) changed the office environment such as the open plan office?”, “How will WFH impact employees’ interpersonal processes?” How will employees’ productivity be measured in a flexible work environment and moving forward? What about safety and the role of technology (e.g., AI and robotics) in these physical and virtual workspaces? Finally, I will explore the implications of the new ways of working for organizational/team leadership, managers (e.g., project managers), and HR practitioners and suggest a possible way forward now in the crisis and beyond.

Associate Professor of Management, University of Queensland Business School (UQBS). Convener and Co-lead of the Next Generation of Workspaces Research Network (a UQ initiative)
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