P3 Systems driving success in complex and distributed programs

February 28, 02:40 pm - 03:20 pm AEDT

Complexity and massive data collection requirements factors have forced a change of thinking in the design of large projects and programs within mature organisations and government.  Along with finding the right people to staff the project or program there is a need to design and deploy technology to support the project lifecycle, processes and provide assurance the project is meeting its KPIs. Reporting cycle expectation have moved on from monthly or weekly reports to an expectation of continually available program/project status cover all aspects of the program.

Combining our experience in operating programs and undertaking P3MA assessments, RPS developed and implemented a project and program management system to manage Queensland Education’s Cooler Cleaner Schools Program (CCSP).  The CCSP aims reduce energy costs for 872 Queensland schools via energy efficiency upgrades over the next three years, plus installed air-conditioning to approximately 10,000 classrooms, libraries and staff rooms. RPS Established the CCSP’s program management office streamlining project planning and delivery through partner contractors and reporting through a P3M tool.

In implementing the PMO, RPS was required to provide assurance of the contractors safety and installation quality and realize the benefits in terms of solar panels installed, electricity generation capacity and classrooms cooled.

A single source of truth for reporting and safety (following program failures such as the Commonwealth Insulation Bat program) were two of the major challenges faced by the program:

  • Reporting – Given the scale and the widespread public interest in the program, capturing and reporting on the program progress and ensuring data integrity was critical.  
  • Safety – With contractors working onsite at schools, around children, teachers and parents, it was paramount that safety was front of mind and any concerns or incidents were actively reported.  

RPS utilised its program/project solution, myProjects, to alleviate both of these challenges. It provided one source of truth for current and verified data, capturing all program reporting elements for the Department.

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