Project Management Systems and Tools: The Future of Project Controls, BIM and Beyond

February 28, 02:40 pm - 03:20 pm AEDT

With the rising adoption of the Building Information Model (BIM) for design, construction and asset   management within architecture, engineering, construction and owner-operated (AECO) sector, BIM-enabled asset management has been attracting increasingly more attention in both research and practice. This study provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the latest state-of-the-art research and industry standards development that impact upon BIM and asset management within the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase. However, BIM is not always enough in whole-life cycle asset management, especially in the O&M phase. Therefore, a framework for future development of smart asset management is proposed, integrating the concept of Digital Twin (DT). DT integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioural characteristics and data analytics to create dynamic digital models that are able to learn and update the status of the physical counterpart from multiple sources. The findings will contribute to inspiring novel research ideas and promote widespread adoption of smart DT-enabled asset management within the O&M phase.

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