Putting the agile into governance, not the governance into agile

March 24, 12:10 pm - 12:50 pm AEDT

Smart organisations understand that proven project management practices lead to greater success and less waste. Likewise, better facilitation of governance can do the same. Delivery methods are adapting and being customised as the pace of development is accelerating. We need to plan to support this in our own creative way.

“I believe PMOs, globally, need to change. They need to stop reinventing the wheel every time a new project’s initiated, stop reinitiating with the same stakeholders over again and stop the duplication. It’s ineffective, wasteful, and unproductive.”

These problems have been exasperated by the introduction of Agile, but not for the reasons you may think.

Some organisations that we work with are mature in their agile journey. Conversations in 2022 will not be around implementing agile or debating tools and techniques. We expect that PMO’s will be under pressure to service an executive level need for real time governance data to enable continuous monitoring, refinement and to assist with planning numerous start and stop decision points to provide the maximum amount of flexibility in value driven delivery.

When PMOs can pivot and align to the executive, PMO’s will become leaner as they flourish. No longer will we be trying to fill the gaps of inadequate technology, process, and organisation. Instead as businesses become leaner, we will be called on more and more to demonstrate success and provide excellence in business partnership and service.
It’s time to realign and bridge the gaps between delivery and governance in an agile way that helps organisations to transform outcomes for their customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.

In this presentation Fatimah will share how organisations are adopting and adapting Agile to bridge the divide between delivery and governance and what organisational support structures are needed to support this agility in a creative way. It’s time to change the way we work, focus on the changing nature of our profession by working more collaboratively with agility in mind.

Let her take you on a journey and share how she has used these concepts to drive a transformation that led to 15% increase in employee engagement for one organisation and saw her team awarded Australian Institute of Project Managements Project of the Year (Victoria).

As Australia’s first ever PMO Influencer of the Year (2020) as voted by her peers, this is sure to be a presentation you can’t miss!

Founder and CEO - Agile Management Office
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