Software has eaten the world

February 28, 04:35 pm - 05:20 pm AEDT

It’s a phrase that has been widely used since Marc Andreessen wrote it in the Wall Street Journal in 2011. Andreessen, who brought us the Netscape web browser and is now a venture capitalist, was referring to technological and economic shifts in which he saw more businesses and industries being run on software and their services delivered online.

Our experiences of the last few years have exposed just how much of our world has already been eaten by software. This great re-shaping has left few businesses or markets untouched in an awesome acceleration of technological change.

Andrew Maher will share his experiences of leading change through technological disruption to help you prepare yourselves for the future with optimism. In the session you will hear about a variety of organisations that have made decisions to optimise what they do today while at the same time carving out a portfolio of choices to prepare for the future.

Group Managing Principal, Aurecon
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