The brilliance of cognitive resilience

March 24, 10:50 am - 11:40 am AEDT

Actionable strategies to navigate uncertainty and lead through change. The pandemic has disrupted the way we work. During unforeseen and unprecedented change it’s all too easy to become swept by the undercurrent of disruptions outside your control and to succumb to feelings of overwhelm. Building capacity for cognitive resilience will help insulate your mindset and shift your focus to what you can control, allowing for better problem solving, clarity and emotional resilience.

Shadé Zahrai will leave you with a renewed understanding of the meaning of cognitive resilience by tapping into your emotional intelligence, leaving you empowered with a toolkit of must-know resilience strategies to enhance your wellbeing, elevate your performance and help you lead through change.

Award-Winning Leadership Strategist & Global Peak Performance Consultant to Fortune 500's
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