Walking the Talk – Creating an innovation strategy using design thinking under constraint (ie Covid!)

February 28, 12:15 pm - 12:55 pm AEDT

“An organization's ability to innovate is recognized as a key factor for sustained growth, economic viability, increased wellbeing and the development of society” *ISO 56002

Innovation is a cornerstone for not only surviving but thriving in an uncertain world. However it’s clear that in 2021 many organisations have continued to base their business models and 'ways of working' on yesterday’s logic and pre-pandemic scenarios; relying on superficial or incremental improvements that risk further adverse impact.
As leaders contemplate what has been coined ‘the great resignation’, new opportunities arise to not only develop innovative ways of working with digital, hybrid and flexible talent pools but also renew mindsets and approaches to developing strategy and delivering outcomes via projects and programs.

This practical and tactical session will “walk the talk” by sharing how one organisation decided to co-create, project manage and launch an enterprise-wide innovation strategy in the midst of 2020’s global pandemic.

Adaptability and resilience were key to the approach taken that intentionally embedded human centred design and ensured not only a “strategy in action” but one that aligned to the ISO 56002 international standard on innovation management.

The session will share not only lessons learned from how the strategy was developed but also global good practice, typical barriers and suggested actions and activities for others who might be developing an innovation strategy especially under conditions of uncertainty.

Benefits to be realized from the approach include:
–Increased ability to manage uncertainty
–Stronger brand and reputation and organizational value
–Increased growth, revenues, profitability and competitiveness
–Engaged and empowered people with enhanced ability to hire and retain talent
–Reduced waste and cost with increased productivity and resource efficiency
–Improved sustainability and resilience

Principal - GHD
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