David Porter

Managing Director - Octantai

David is an innovative business leaderwith over 25 years of track record as a project and programme leader in project development and delivery across a wide range of industriesincludingrail infrastructure, rollingstock, roads, process engineering, manufacturing, health, major retail, commercial high rise, residential, ICT projects, change projects and many others. He has experience in almost every type of project delivery methodology, from Project Alliance to PPP.  

He is the founder of Octant AI an artificial intelligence technology which emerged from an international collaboration at University of Oxford. Octant AI is one of a handful of innovators worldwide which seek to make stepped improvement to project outturn performance across multiple financial, time and other performance metrics. David is a strong advocate of data driven project management and sees it as the path to both better project performance and improved productivity of project management professionals.

He holds an Engineering degree (UQ), a Master’s of Science from University of Oxford, and is a Certified Practicing Portfolio Executive (AIPM). He is a keen surfer, blues musician, and amateur student of philosophy.    


February 28, 02:40 pm - 03:20 pm AEST