Susan Kitching

Design Director, Water - Aurecon

Susan has worked in the water industry for 20 years working with clients across Australia and also in the UK.  She is a process engineer by background but has developed to lead technical teams across disciplines.  Most recently, she has taken the role of the Planning Partner Services Lead for Aurecon as they, along with Arup, have partnered with Sydney Water to deliver water and wastewater planning and concept designs services.  This has involved leading various teams across the project lifecycle and developing processes to improve capital delivery from planning through to commissioning of assets.

The fundamental basis of the Sydney Water partnership is that all parties have common goals and become one team.  Susan has been part of leading  the change in ways of working and culture from within Sydney Water and will reflect on the some of the benefits and challenges the team has faced.


February 28, 03:25 pm - 04:05 pm AEST